Sunday, 10 May 2009


Welcome to somesomeandsome! I started my first blog, last month with the intention of providing DIY ideas for special events, particularly weddings. However, I realised that I had an awful lot that I'd like to post that didn't fit comfortably into specialday, like baking. So, I've started somesomeandsome where I'll keep a record of my various exploits in the kitchen and in life in general. At the moment I'm planning for this to be a place where I post recipes and food that I've tried, perhaps chart my currently failing attempts to get fit (I will start running one day....!!) and make general observations on life. I'm a Christian, saved solely by the grace of God so some of my posts may be observations on passages from the Bible etc. I don't fully know yet where this blog is going, but I'm planning to enjoy the ride!

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