Thursday, 10 April 2014

New Blog!

Quite a while ago, I wrote a blog post saying that I was reluctant to stop blogging on Some, Some and Some but also had lots of ideas flying around my head and wasn’t sure what to concentrate on. So, I decided to start a new blog! The new blog can be found here. As you’ll see if you visit my new blog, which I very much hope you do, everything that I would have posted on this blog is being posted to the new blog, but I’ve also expanded it with new sections – a Family section and a Review section. Even the name is the same, but I’ve decided to leave my comfort zone and get my own domain. Most of the content from this blog has been imported to the new site and this is the last post I’ve planned for this blog for now. However, I’m not planning to shut this blog down any time in the near future. Please do say hello or comment on a post if you pop over to the new blog – I’d love to hear from you, including any feedback (positive or negative) that you may have on the new site. I look forward to seeing you there!